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Laundry Monsters



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Series Synopsis

Laundry Monsters is a sci fi animation series that follows the adventures of Brook, Ursula, Crystal, and Jefferson (the Super Squad), a group of Space Academy rejects who are sent on trash duty scanning spaceship parts at the far edges of a Black Hole, and become unlikely heroes when Doc Mercana comes aboard and takes them on an adventure which ends up with them arriving on Earth via a Washing Machine portal!
Stranded on Earth, their now adopted home, they travel around the planet through washing machines, defending the Earth from an enemy race of evil aliens, the Zorgons, who have followed The Super Squad to Earth, and are intent of devouring the planet’s natural resources and see the Earth as another planet to conquer. 

Opening Episode Logline

When the evil Zorgons steal scientist Doc Mercana’s ‘Top Secret Transport technology' and journey to the nearest Black Hole to activate the device, Doc joins a misfit crew of Space Academy rejects scanning spaceship parts at the far edges of a Black Hole, who must learn to work together to recover the technology and save the Universe!

Teaser Logline

An animated sci-fi adventure between battling aliens that have come to Earth and who travel through washing machines, in which the mysteries of lost socks and unusual spin cycles are explained.

Laundry Monsters

2D + 3D Animation Series

Genre - Sci fi action adventure

Family Audience

Alex Dawson

Alex Dawson

Scriptwriter and Creator
Alex Dawson

2D Character Design, Animatic Development and After Effects Animator, 2D and 3D Compositor, Sound Design
Alex Dawson

3D Animation and Modelling
Federico Cordella

Additional 3D Zorgon Spaceship Modelling and Animation
Sean Smith

By Alex Dawson


Brook - William Nash 
Ursula - Cara Bamford
Doc Mercana - David Masterson
Crystal - Cara Bamford
Sandra Vass - Lucie Regan
Gloch - David Masterson
Newscaster - Meena Rayann
Computer Voice - Meena Rayann
Narrator - Sean Connolly
Groundsman- Sean Connolly
Crew - Sean Connolly
Charles Langley - Sean Connolly
Borosa (Zorgon Commander) - Sean Connolly
Other - Sean Connolly 

Production Company
Carnival Figures Ltd.

Watch key animatic drafts including 3D spaceship and special effects sequences for the Laundry Monsters 'Origins Sequence.'

(Watch the clips in the intended order)

Laundry Monsters - 'Origins' - 'A top secret technology has been taken'

The Zorgons invade a Space Academy Compound and Take Doc Mercana’s top secret technology. Doc commandeers a shuttle pod and heads towards the Sambacoa Nebula, realising that must be where the Zorgons are heading to activate the pods using the energy from a Black Hole! 

Doc contacts Sandra Vass at Space Academy in an attempt to find a ship to rendevouz with, and we discover our heroes at this remote location.

This Laundry Monsters clip shows the beginning of the trailer opening, and serves as the lead up to watching the subsequent animatic clips.

Doc  Mercana - David Masterson
Sandra Vass - Lucie Regan
Newscaster - Meena Rayann
Computer Voice - Meena Rayann
Command Crew Member - Will Nash
Screenplay, Design, Storyboard, animation, layout and environments, Direction, Editing and Sound Design by Alex Dawson
3D modelling and animation by Federico Cordella
All copyright @ Alex Dawson Carnival Figures

Laundry Monsters -  'Origins' - Introduction Sequence - Scanning for Spaceship parts at the Sambacoa Nebula

We are introduced to our heroes initial predicament-  thier lowly mission ‘trash duty’ – scanning, locating and collecting broken space ship parts hidden amongst a massive asteroid trail which is slowly being pulled into a Black Hole in the Sambacoa System – also know as the ‘graveyard of the universe’.

Feet up and bored - they are feeling mischievous and unable to find any usable parts for salvaging, with Sandra Vass, a commander at Space Port giving them grief over the intercom...


Laundry Monsters - 'Origins' - Doc Arrival Sequence

Doc arrives by shuttle transport, and explains to the Super Squad their foreboding predicament : The Zorgons have stolen the Bubble Transport technology he created, and are located at the edges of the Black Hole (at the heart of the Sambacoa Nebula) and are using its energy to charge up the transport pods which will make Worm Hole transport possible... 

This sequence has new dialogue for Doc which has less techno jargon and is more of an impassioned plea for help - which will be added very shortly 

‘Approach Zorgon Cruiser Sequence’

Brook reveals his fears about the legendary dangers of the Sambacoa Nebula, and having decided to take on Doc’s mission, the adventure begins to pick up pace as the ‘Super Squad’ brave the notorious teeth ridge caverns and asteroids to enter the heart of the Sambacoa Nebula in their search of the Zorgon Cruiser at the edges of the Black Hole...


Laundry Monsters - 'Origins' - Charging the Bubble Transport Pods Sequence

Brook and Ursula follow Doc's instructions to complete the final stage of the energy transfusion from the Irradiation Chamber (which has been charged up by the energy of the Black Hole at the heart of the Sambacoa Nebula), and activate the Bubble Transport Pods, which begin to rise...


'Chase Sequence'

The Super Squad attempt to flee the Zorgon ship, escaping with a single bubble transport pod. However, the Zorgons have now awoken from their hibernation cycle and fire missiles apon them. Doc is forced to use the 'Bubble Transport Technology' Pod to escape certain death, as the evil Zorgon Gloch looks on, determined to destroy his enemies.

Laundry Monsters - 'Origins' - Super Squad Arrival on Earth Sequence

After Doc activates the Bubble Transport Technology, our heroes hurtle through a wormhole and arrive in a washing machine in a Launderette on Earth ... (which later becomes their Launderette Headquarters)

Laundry Monsters - 'Origins'  - Zorgon arrival on Earth Sequence

The Zorgons trace the escaping Super Squad's location, and using their own Bubble transport technology mirror the co-ordinates,  also arriving on Earth in a dirty Launderette a few streets away. The Zorgon General Gloch immediately makes plans to take over the Earth!


Laundry Monsters -  'Zorgons Attack!' 

In the north sea something mysterious is afoot - a lighthouse begins transmitting strange pulses out towards the ocean, and suddenly a vast fleet of oil tankers begin to mysteriously disappear… 

An economic crisis on Earth, has led humans to search for a new leader in billionaire-eco-philanthropist, Charles Langley. Unfortunately, the Zorgons have set their sights on the same man - taking control of him in order to conquer the world!

Meanwhile, the Super Squad meet and develop a strong bond with budding news journalist Cassandra Chase, who becomes their source and ally in their fight against evil. 'Cass' begins the series as a lowly reporter desperate for her first big story when the senior editor of the London Herald tells her to check out a story of a noisy launderette in the dirty part of town that wakes up the neighbourhood, and is emanating a strange green yellow light. Told to 'put a spin' on what sounds like a banal new story, Cassandra unexpectedly become the first human to discover the Zorgons, and quickly her discovery leads her to join forces with The Super Squad!

Laundry Monsters - 'Origins'  - Titles / Prologue

Opening sequence, Title Sequence and Prologue Narration.
Voice Over -  Sean Connolly
Voice Over -  Lucie Regan
Original Title Music - Alexis Bennett
Watch 'Laundry Monsters' animations and animatic / design development on Behance :
Laundry Monsters - Launderette Headquarters 
Test 3D sequence of the Super  Squad leaving their HQ at the beginning of their mission to stop the Zorgons in Episode 2...
BROOK - character design alternative with costume concept
URSULA - character design alternative with costume concept
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